The musician Pete Townshend called a “truly, truly, truly great genius”

Meta Description: Pete Townshend of The Who calls Brian Wilson a “genius” for his work on Pet Sounds. Discover why Townshend admires this groundbreaking album and its impact on music.

Pete Townshend Praises Brian Wilson as a “Genius” for Pet Sounds

Given that Pete Townshend rarely dishes out praise, his admiration for Brian Wilson and Pet Sounds is delivered with purpose and clear appreciation. While Townshend has critiqued major bands like The Beatles and Led Zeppelin, he labels Brian Wilson as a “genius” for his work on Pet Sounds.

The Impact of Pet Sounds on Pete Townshend

In Townshend’s view, only a select few musicians and albums are truly worthy of admiration. Despite his past criticisms of The Beatles, he regards The Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds and The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band as genuine musical ingenuity.

“Although neither of them were narrative concepts, they were definitely poetic stories,” Townshend explained, discussing the two masterpieces. “They were gatherings of images and ideas that added up to a new way of putting songs together.”

Brian Wilson’s Innovative Genius

Townshend became enamored with Pet Sounds the moment he heard it. He was particularly struck by how it transformed everything he knew about music. “When Pet Sounds came along, for me, the whole world was turned on its head,” Townshend said. “Certainly for The Beatles, Brian’s work was writing with the band and voices that were part of his canvas.”

Pet Sounds is renowned for its intricate and sophisticated arrangements, thanks to Brian Wilson’s creative explorations. The album utilized unconventional sounds like bicycle bells, Theremin, and dog whistles, marking a significant departure from The Beach Boys’ surf pop style.

Townshend’s Admiration for “God Only Knows”

Townshend is so impressed by Wilson’s artistry that he labels him a “genius.” He praises the song “God Only Knows”, calling it “simple and elegant” and noting its stunning impact when it first appeared. “It still sounds perfect,” he added.

Lasting Influence of Pet Sounds

Townshend’s admiration for Pet Sounds is well-founded, given the album’s enduring impact on generations of musicians and fans. Its longevity and influence validate Townshend’s praise, even if such admiration is rare for him.

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