Pete Townshend is “interested” in taking The Who to the MSG Sphere in Las Vegas

Meta Description: Pete Townshend addresses The Who’s future, denies their final show, and expresses interest in a Las Vegas residency at the MSG Sphere. Get the latest updates on The Who.

Pete Townshend Denies The Who’s Final Show and Eyes Las Vegas Residency at MSG Sphere

Despite speculation, Pete Townshend has denied that The Who have played their final show. In a recent interview with NME, Townshend revealed his interest in taking the band to the MSG Sphere in Las Vegas.

The Who’s Recent Performances and Future Plans

The Who last performed earlier this year with two special acoustic shows at the Royal Albert Hall. These performances coincided with frontman Roger Daltrey stepping down as the concert curator for the Teenage Cancer Trust. Since then, The Who have not scheduled any new performances, and Daltrey has hinted at the possibility of moving on from this chapter of his life.

However, Townshend criticized the Royal Albert Hall shows, citing rehearsal issues, but kept the door open for future concerts. Although another album seems unlikely, Townshend expressed his love for songwriting and hinted that their creative partnership isn’t over yet.

The Who’s Las Vegas Ambitions

Townshend is eager to explore new ground and has shown interest in performing at the MSG Sphere in Las Vegas, a venue known for its innovative and immersive experiences. This arena, which opened last year with U2 and has hosted residencies by Dead and Company and Phish, offers a unique opportunity for The Who to create a spectacular show.

“I’m interested in the [Las Vegas] Sphere – just as a crazy, narcissistic art school thing. It’s interesting as a venue because it challenges you to beat the fabric of the theatre,” Townshend told NME.

Future Endeavors and Collaborations

Next year, a new ballet adaptation of The Who’s rock opera, Quadrophenia, will tour the UK. Directed by Tony Award-winner Rob Ashford and choreographed by Paul Roberts, this adaptation promises to bring a fresh perspective to The Who’s classic work.

While Townshend is open to the idea of a hologram show similar to Abba Voyage, Daltrey has dismissed the notion, stating, “I’ve never thought about it. I wouldn’t want to go and see it.”


The future of The Who remains uncertain, but Pete Townshend’s interest in new projects and innovative performances suggests that the band is far from finished. Fans can look forward to potential shows at the MSG Sphere in Las Vegas and other exciting endeavors from this legendary group.

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