STEVE VAI: “STRAPPING YOUNG LAD’s Alien Should Be Studied”

Steve Vai and Devin Townsend joined forces for Vai’s 1993 album Sex & Religion. Since then, both have had successful careers on their own. Vai recently spoke highly of Townsend in an interview with The Jasta Show, praising him for staying true to his musical vision and being exceptionally creative.

Devin never made excuses for his music,” Vai said. “He fully immersed himself in it. When he worked with me, I saw his talent as a singer. He was amazing and versatile.

“He was also very entertaining, funny, and wild. I enjoyed all of that. However, I didn’t fully grasp his creativity at that time because he didn’t have the freedom to explore it with me.”

“But once he had the tools and experience, he flourished. He had to express himself.”

Vai also mentioned Strapping Young Lad’s 2005 album Alien, praising its melody and power. Despite challenges during its creation, such as Townsend going off medication for bipolar disorder, the album remains impressive.

Devin’s music, despite its intensity, carries a longing for light and transformation,” Vai noted. “His music is cathartic for him, helping him find balance and comfort in his own skin.”

“His melodic talent is evident in Alien. It’s an intense masterpiece that deserves recognition and study.”

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