STEVE VAI Has No Problem With Fans Using Their Phone During His Shows

In today’s tech-savvy world dominated by smartphones, everyone wants to capture those unforgettable moments at concerts. But do you recall the era when security guards confiscated those bulky VHS cameras? Legendary guitarist Steve Vai certainly does.

While some artists fiercely oppose this trend – like Tool, where taking out your phone is a big no-no – not everyone feels the same way.

Vai, in an interview with Rick Beato (transcribed by, spoke about the significance of those little concert clips for fans. He remembered the days when recording concerts was strictly forbidden. “It was ingrained in me that you just don’t do that,” he recalled. “They had strict policies and even sent people out during shows to catch anyone with those big VHS cameras.”

For Vai, the rise of technology isn’t something to resist but rather something to welcome. Instead of seeing it as a drawback, he views it as an opportunity for fans to capture and share their experiences in their own special way.

“After a while, it’s all about how you choose to look at it,” Vai remarked. “I think it’s great. Even if the sound quality isn’t perfect when people post videos from concerts… There’s a certain charm in that imperfection sometimes.”

It all boils down to how you perceive it and what you aim to achieve as an artist during a live performance. While Maynard may find it rude, Vai sees it as a way to cherish the moment.

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