Rapper Says He’s Being Sued By IRON MAIDEN For Plagiarism

It’s not wise to copy Iron Maiden’s style. They’re not exactly under the radar, so trying to pass off their stuff as your own isn’t a smart move. Take rapper OsamaSon, for instance. He’s in hot water for basically copying Eddie from Iron Maiden’s Powerslave days and using it for his FLXTRA album cover. I mean, he just tweaked a few things on Eddie’s face and called it his own. What did he think would happen?

Now, I’m not against mixing metal vibes into other genres. But straight-up copying someone else’s work? That’s a no-go. Just look at this comparison by Kurrco; it’s clear what happened. At least this is a step above Teddy.YG’s blatant ripoff of Cattle Decapitation’s artwork.

On a brighter note, it seems like OsamaSon appreciates metal, judging by his wardrobe in the “X & Sex” music video. He’s rocking a Facelift Deformation longsleeve, as pointed out by Loudwire.

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