SLIPKNOT May Have Revealed Their New Drummer In Some Behind-The-Scenes Coding

Slipknot recently revamped their You Can’t Kill Me website, hinting at more activities for their 1999 self-titled album anniversary. If you scroll down, you’ll spot a small white demon icon flashing above a tech note. Clicking on it leads to a video, where a Reddit user named tmt1983 started exploring the hidden clues.

This user dug into the video’s code and uncovered a file named eloy.jpg, among others matching band members’ names. This discovery sparked speculation that former Sepultura drummer Eloy Casagrande might be part of Slipknot now. There’s also talk about jeff.jpg, possibly hinting at Jeff Karnowski from Dirty Little Rabbits as a replacement for a departed band member.

However, this could all be a deliberate misdirection from Slipknot. Adding to the intrigue, tmt1983 created their Reddit account just before sharing this theory on the Slipknot Subreddit. With no other posts or comments, it’s a mystery if this is a coincidence or part of a bigger plan.

What we do know is that Slipknot is set to headline Sick New World 2024 on April 27. Whoever’s drumming for them now, we’ll soon witness their masked spectacle on stage.

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