SLIPKNOT Has A Mysterious Billboard In California & A Cryptic Website

Slipknot is gearing up for an exciting journey this December as they embark on a special tour across Europe, marking their 25th anniversary in celebration of their 1999 self-titled album. However, amidst this anticipation, a mysterious revelation has surfaced in California that has fans buzzing with curiosity.

A Reddit user, deadendandrea, recently shared a photo of a cryptic Slipknot billboard spotted in Indio, CA, situated at the Coachella site. The billboard cryptically declares “ONE NIGHT ONLY,” “LONG MAY YOU DIE,” and directs viewers to a website named You Can’t Kill Me. This website, revamped to exude a nostalgic 1999 aesthetic, features a persistent message urging visitors to “pay attention… the answers are all around you…”

The intrigue deepens as Slipknot’s percussionist, M. Shawn “Clown” Crahan, hinted at upcoming smaller shows dedicated to celebrating the iconic album. In an interview with Kerrang!, Crahan expressed, “Yeah, we’re going to play that album from beginning to end… But you know what we’re going to get? We’re going to have fun, too.”

Further discussions with Crahan during an interview with Knotfest Australia revealed tantalizing details about potential new additions to Slipknot, including a mysterious new drummer and the promise of fresh material. “I’m very excited about this idea of a new drummer… We’re really working hard and you know, there’ll be new music, there’ll be new masks, there’ll be new people, there’ll be new ideas celebrating a 25-year anniversary.”

Despite the anticipation, Crahan clarified that this venture doesn’t necessarily mean a traditional album release, stating, “I wouldn’t look at it like new music like an album and stuff… We’re not going to push it and we’re not going to mold it into something that it doesn’t need to be, but I will tell you we’re having a really good time right now. Some real magical stuff is happening.”

With Slipknot’s enigmatic teasers and promises of unique experiences, fans eagerly await to uncover the mysteries and revel in the celebrations ahead.

SLIPKNOT Has A Mysterious Billboard In California & A Cryptic Website

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