Original SLIPKNOT Vocalist ANDERS COLSEFNI Says New Version Of ‘Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat.’ Album Was Released Without His Consent

Yesterday, on March 14th, a reimagined rendition of SLIPKNOT’s iconic album “Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat.” emerged, courtesy of the band’s original vocalist, Anders Colsefni.

However, a storm brewed as Colsefni took to his Facebook sanctuary to unveil a troubling revelation regarding the album’s resurrection: it was unleashed into the world without his blessing.

In a heartfelt communiqué, he penned:

“Greetings, dear comrades. Anders Colsefni speaking.

I must address the recent resurrection of MFKR, a release that transpired without my knowledge or consent.

The intricacies of the audio mix were still undergoing my scrutiny when the video sprang forth. This reincarnation was far from completion, and I had not even glimpsed the visual spectacle before its premature debut.

Regrettably, I must announce the cancellation of this summer’s MFKR tour. Instead, I shall undertake the arduous task of recreating this opus in its true form. I implore you to place your trust in me, to restore this masterpiece with the reverence it deserves, and to honor the devoted disciples of old-school Slipknot.

In due time, we shall resurrect this tour from its ashes, commencing where it all began and expanding to the farthest reaches of your fervent desires.

MFKR transcends the boundaries of any singular individual, embodying an icon within the annals of metal history. I speak not only for myself but for the OGs who hold this legacy dear: let us ensure that every ounce of care and respect is bestowed upon this homage.

Apologies abound for any tumult this may have wrought upon your hearts!”

The ambiance of Halloween 1996 looms ominously, bearing witness to the birth of 600 copies of “Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat.” For twenty-five years, this album has lurked in the shadows, spawning a myriad of unauthorized reproductions while eluding an official presence on streaming platforms.

Before the legion of Maggots, there existed the Crowz, their patience unwavering as they awaited the renaissance of this seminal record. Finally, after half a lifetime of anticipation, their moment of redemption has dawned. This album stands as the holy grail for the venerable fans of original Slipknot, a testament to their unwavering loyalty and enduring passion.

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