STEPHEN PEARCY Is ‘Pretty Much Done Reaching Out’ To Members Of Classic RATT Lineup About Reunion

On the “The Hook Rocks!” podcast, Stephen Pearcy, the lead singer of RATT, opened up about his disappointment over the inability to bring together the band’s classic lineup for another show. He shared his thoughts, highlighting the differences in commitment among the members:

“It’s a big deal to me. But it really highlights where everyone’s priorities lie. Bobby Blotzer is all in, ready to hit the stage. Carlos Cavazo, not an original but a valued player, recently joined me for a gig at the Whisky in West Hollywood. Yet, I can’t compromise on quality, especially with a bass player who’s barely recognizable and not fully committed. It’s about respecting Warren DeMartini’s decision as well; none of us need to do this. It boils down to personal drive. Mine differs from theirs, and there’s nothing I can do to change that. We’re talking about a legacy here, not just any business. After four decades, it’s about honoring what we’ve built, regardless of financial success. That’s what truly frustrates me, not just the reluctance to reunite but the lack of passion for what we created.”

Pearcy also reflected on RATT’s enduring impact, particularly highlighted by the release of ‘The Atlantic Years: 1984-1991’ box set:

“Last year’s box set release was a pivotal moment. It wasn’t just about the aesthetics of the package but recognizing the golden era of RATT, from ’84 to the early ’90s. That period captured our true essence. Post that era, regardless of who joined, the band lost a part of its soul without Robbin Crosby. It simply couldn’t feel the same, akin to MÖTLEY CRÜE without their original lineup. The absence of key elements just alters the entire dynamic.”

Despite these hurdles, Pearcy’s passion for RATT’s music and its fans remains undiminished as he continues to perform the band’s hits with his solo band:

“I take to the stage because I embody the band’s spirit. I’m the voice, the songwriter. My commitment to RATT’s legacy is unwavering. The interaction with fans, especially at solo show meet-and-greets, is surreal. It’s like stepping back into 1984. We don’t just exchange pleasantries; we share stories, relive memories. It’s a testament to the timeless connection we’ve forged with our fans, a bond that transports us back to the heyday of rock.”

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