OZZY OSBOURNE Will Rent You His Los Angeles Apartment, But It Ain’t Cheap

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne extend an invitation to lease their chic West Hollywood, California apartment at an exclusive rate of $9,500 per month, translating to an annual sum of $114,000. For perspective, this amount aligns closely with a substantial 20% down payment on a $570,000 residence.

Financial considerations aside, a perusal through Realtor.com unveils the opulent amenities accompanying this property. Security is paramount, with round-the-clock surveillance, door attendants, and valet parking services, all managed through a dedicated front desk. Positioned on the 10th floor, the apartment boasts a spacious living room adorned with light-wood walls, recessed lighting, expansive floor-to-ceiling windows, and a private balcony—elements that contribute to the Osbourne family’s decision to list their West Hollywood condo for $4.8 million.

Photographs capturing the essence of this lavish living space are available for your perusal, providing a glimpse into what nearly $10,000 per month affords.

Ozzy Osbourne’s contemplation of leaving the United States was vocalized in an August interview, where he expressed a desire to avoid drawing his last breath on American soil. Citing his frustration with the pervasive societal issues, including frequent incidents of violence, Ozzy highlighted his discomfort with the prevailing situation, emphasizing his English roots and a yearning to return home.

In a subsequent interview with Consequence, Ozzy’s sentiments appeared to evolve. He expressed a newfound affinity for America, stating a preference to stay and even proclaiming himself as “American now,” despite his previous remarks.

Sharon Osbourne echoes sentiments reminiscent of Ozzy’s earlier stance. Reflecting on her initial perception of the U.S. as a musical haven in the ’70s, she now describes it as a place that has lost its allure over time. Citing diminished excitement and increased danger, she, along with Ozzy, no longer feels secure. The couple also points to escalating taxes as a significant factor influencing their decision to relocate.

In the ever-changing narrative of Osbourne’s perspective on America, contrasting views emerge, weaving a tale of a couple grappling with the complexities of where to call home.

OZZY OSBOURNE Will Rent You His Los Angeles Apartment, But It Ain't Cheap

OZZY OSBOURNE Will Rent You His Los Angeles Apartment, But It Ain't Cheap

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