Ronnie Radke Slams New Hardcore Bands: ‘It’s Not Cool Anymore’

Ronnie Radke recently shared his critical views on the current hardcore music scene and its followers in a post on X, sparking varied reactions.

As the lead singer of Falling In Reverse, Radke expressed his dissatisfaction with the direction in which hardcore music is heading, stating:

“It’s amusing to see today’s hardcore enthusiasts as overly sensitive, overly political, and too quick to boast about toughness and violence in their music. What once was a cool genre has lost its appeal.”

Fans had mixed reactions to Radke’s blunt critique. One fan pointed out:

“Authenticity has always been key in hardcore. Now, it seems there’s a surplus of posers.”

Another commented:

“The scene has been watered down by those claiming to rebel, yet ironically aligning with mainstream power.”

However, some defended the genre’s integrity:

“Hardcore music still rocks. The only difference now is our amplified exposure to opinions through social media. The essence remains unchanged.”

Radke’s outspoken nature also led him into a recent spat with Devin Swank of Sanguisugabogg, a death metal band. He challenged the band’s avoidance and their threats to involve the police, highlighting his perception of their lack of toughness:

“Come out of your bus. Let’s have a chat. Why the threats? I thought you were tough. Devin, why hide?”

This confrontation spiraled into an exchange of barbs and challenges between the two, with Radke even offering Sanguisugabogg an opening spot at a Falling In Reverse show. The feud became a public spectacle, ending with Swank opting to focus on family time over continuing the dispute.

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