INFECTIOUS GROOVES, the enduring ensemble initiated over three decades ago by current METALLICA bassist Robert Trujillo alongside his then-SUICIDAL TENDENCIES comrade Mike Muir, has ventured into the studio for the creation of a fresh composition. This upcoming track, a collaborative effort with former INFECTIOUS GROOVES guitarist Adam Siegel, signifies the band’s inaugural release featuring ex-SLIPKNOT drummer Jay Weinberg, who officially joined the ranks in January.

On the eve of February 26, INFECTIOUS GROOVES shared an enticing glimpse into their studio session, accompanied by a statement exclaiming, “So much fun and what a blaST! Lots of smiles and a killer new jam!

The narrative continued with a detailed update, “Yesterday INFECTIOUS GROOVES was back in the studio, recording a new track, and we can’t wait for you to hear. We even got our old guitar player (and amazing artist) Adam Siegel out of ‘retirement’ to help write this jam (not pictured due to having to leave early). Huge thanks to Tim Armstrong for always welcoming us into his studio and Joey Castillo for letting us use his drums. And damn, Jay Weinberg beat and grooved the hell out of them! Was so much fun watching him do his thing and start everything off with a blast. More updates soon. We can’t wait to share more soon. INFECTIOUS GROOVES is in the house! (And the studio!)”

Scheduled for two live performances in the U.S. next month at the Garden Grove Amphitheater in California, INFECTIOUS GROOVES is set to embark on a brief tour of Australia in late March and early April.

Weinberg’s inclusion in INFECTIOUS GROOVES came about due to drummer Brooks Wackerman’s prior commitments to AVENGED SEVENFOLD, prompting the need for a skilled replacement. In an interview with Metal-Roos, Muir revealed the intriguing story behind Weinberg’s recruitment, highlighting the fortuitous suggestion of Muir’s 14-year-old son. The tale unfolded with Muir recalling, “My son, his two favorite drummers are Lars [Ulrich] and Jay Weinberg… ‘You should get Jay. I saw him. He’s playing the drums again. You should get him. Talk to him.’ And I go, ‘I don’t have his number.’ He goes, ‘You could get it. Robert’s probably got it.'”

Muir continued, “We talked a lot and then were, like, ‘Let’s fly out and get together.’ And when we practiced, I was going, ‘You cannot tell that he’s just had two major surgeries.’ It’s funny because my kids went to the practice and they were, like, ‘Dude, Robert was smiling ear to ear the whole practice. He looked like a little kid just having a ball.’ And it was just so much fun in a good way. Jay on drums, he’s driving that sports car, and he’s got a really good edge and he’s able to actually showcase a lot more on the INFECTIOUS songs, which he was really appreciating. I think people, they’re gonna trip. Because everybody knows Robert’s great bass player; they know the bass lines in INFECTIOUS.”

The current INFECTIOUS GROOVES lineup for 2024 comprises Jay Weinberg, Mike Muir, Robert Trujillo, Dean Pleasants (SUICIDAL TENDENCIES), and Dave Kushner (ex-VELVET REVOLVER).

The tour dates for INFECTIOUS GROOVES in 2024 are as follows:

– March 23: Garden Grove, California @ Garden Grove Amphitheater
– March 24: Garden Grove, California @ Garden Grove Amphitheater
– March 30: Melbourne, Australia @ Forum
– March 31: Brisbane, Australia @ Fortitude Music Hall
– April 01: Byron Bay, Australia @ Bluesfest
– April 04: Adelaide, Australia @ Hindley Street Music Hall
– April 05: Sydney, Australia @ UNSW Roundhouse

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