Charlie Benante, the renowned drummer for both ANTHRAX and PANTERA, has officially announced his engagement to his longtime girlfriend, Carla Harvey, a prominent figure in the world of rock and metal as a member of the BUTCHER BABIES. The 61-year-old musician shared the exciting news on Sunday, January 28, through a series of captivating social media updates.

The announcement unfolded with a collection of photos showcasing the couple immersed in the experience of a U2 concert at the Sphere in Las Vegas. In addition to the images capturing the joyous moment, Benante posted a brief clip featuring U2’s performance and accompanied it with a heartwarming message: “We went to see @u2 and this happened @carlaharvey,” followed by an engagement ring emoji. He concluded the post with a touch of nostalgia, mentioning that U2 played the song “All I Want Is You.”

During a revealing interview with Anne Erickson of Audio Ink Radio in 2021, Benante shared insights into how he first crossed paths with Harvey. According to Benante, their initial meeting was at the Revolver Golden Gods Awards, where Harvey interviewed him. However, Benante candidly admitted that he didn’t recall the encounter, although Harvey later provided evidence in the form of a picture from the event.

Their connection deepened at a festival in San Bernardino, California, potentially Knotfest, where their respective bands performed. Following this, Benante learned that the BUTCHER BABIES had covered one of ANTHRAX’s songs. Despite both being involved in other relationships at the time, they found common ground in their shared interests, describing them as “goofy, nerdy stuff.”

Their communication began with occasional emails discussing books and shared interests. After a period of limited contact, Benante, while recording a record in Los Angeles, reached out to Harvey, initially proposing a casual coffee meeting. However, she declined. Undeterred, Benante later suggested joining her on a trip to an art store in the area. This outing marked a turning point, and from that moment, their connection flourished into the engagement they joyfully shared with the world.

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