DAVE MUSTAINE: ‘It’s Time For METALLICA To Step Up’ And Organize Another ‘Big Four’ Concert


In a recent interview with Greg Prato of Songfacts, Dave Mustaine, the visionary force behind MEGADETH, has once again ignited the spark for another chapter of the iconic “Big Four” concerts in the thrash metal realm. Mustaine, ever the advocate for a grand musical spectacle, discussed the prospect of a reunion, expressing, “I really think … Read more


dave lombardo

In a recent guest appearance on Speak N’ Destroy, legendary SLAYER drummer Dave Lombardo unfolded a captivating narrative detailing his almost-foray into MEGADETH when he initially departed from SLAYER in 1986. The departure from SLAYER during the Reign in Blood tour was prompted by Lombardo’s financial concerns, as he candidly expressed, “I wasn’t making any … Read more

‘There’s Thousand Of Yngwie Malmsteens,’ Ozzy Producer Says On Modern Guitarists

yngwie malmsteens and ozzy producer

Legendary producer Max Norman, known for his sonic stamp on heavyweights like Ozzy Osbourne, recently spoke out on the changing landscape of rock music. His concerns? A vanishing dynamic range (think: the contrast between soft and loud) and diminishing emotional depth, especially when it comes to guitarists. Norman blames, in part, our social media-fueled world. … Read more

Is The Summer Slaughter Tour Coming Back?

The renowned Summer Slaughter Tour, a pinnacle in the realm of traveling festivals within extreme music, seems to be making a potential comeback. The organizers, after an unexpected three-year hiatus on Instagram, have resurfaced, raising the tantalizing prospect of the tour’s revival. Collaborating with Sumerian Records on a cryptic Instagram post, they pose the question … Read more

COREY TAYLOR: METALLICA’s ‘St. Anger’ Is ‘Underappreciated’

Corey Taylor and Metallica

In an intriguing twist of perspective, Corey Taylor has boldly declared his admiration for METALLICA’s controversial 2003 album, “St. Anger,” in the latest edition of Revolver Magazine. Despite its reputation as one of the metal genre’s least acclaimed records, Taylor offers a dissenting opinion, arguing that it is unfairly maligned and harbors hidden gems. Taylor, … Read more

PEARL JAM Fans Express Outrage Over Ticket Price For New Tour: ‘They Should Be Embarrassed’

pearl jam

Fans of PEARL JAM are voicing their discontent and disillusionment with what they perceive as a ticketing debacle surrounding the band’s upcoming tour. The frustration among devoted followers is palpable, as issues related to ticket availability, pricing, and distribution have left many feeling excluded and disheartened. This outcry reflects a sentiment of disappointment and anger, … Read more

SLAYER Announces Third Reunion Show

Prepare for the sonic onslaught as Aftershock gears up for its 12th annual spectacle at Discovery Park in the heart of Sacramento, California, from October 10-13. Marking its dozen-year milestone, Aftershock is set to unleash its most formidable lineup to date, promising an unforgettable four-day journey into the realms of hard rock and heavy metal. … Read more



In a surprising turn of events, drummer Eloy Casagrande has parted ways with SEPULTURA, citing a desire to pursue a new venture, leaving fans abuzz with speculation that he might be stepping into the drumming role for iconic band SLIPKNOT. This departure comes a mere two months after SEPULTURA announced a global “farewell tour” commemorating … Read more