Ozzy Osbourne On Being Nominee Of 2024 Hall Of Fame: ‘I Could Never Have Imagined’

In a recent social media update on his official platform, Ozzy Osbourne expressed a mix of surprise and gratitude upon learning of his nomination for the prestigious 2024 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction.

The renowned institution unveiled its list of nominees for the upcoming induction, featuring a diverse array of musical luminaries including Mary J. Blige, Mariah Carey, Cher, and the late Sinéad O’Connor. However, it was Ozzy Osbourne’s inclusion as a first-time nominee for his solo endeavors that captured attention, especially given his prior induction as a member of the iconic band Black Sabbath.

Osbourne took to his platform to share his heartfelt reaction to the news, conveying his deep sense of honor at being considered for induction once again. In his message, he expressed profound gratitude towards the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, describing the nomination as an unexpected and humbling acknowledgment of his solo career spanning over four decades.

After 44 years as a solo artist,” Osbourne remarked, “the fact that I can continue to record music and receive this recognition is something I am incredibly proud of.” The significance of potentially being inducted as a solo artist, alongside his previous recognition with Black Sabbath, was not lost on him, highlighting the rarity of such a feat and its importance in his illustrious career.

For Osbourne, this nomination marks a significant milestone, representing a culmination of his enduring legacy as a solo artist following his departure from Black Sabbath. His potential induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a solo artist would elevate him into the exclusive echelon of double-inductees, a distinction shared by revered figures such as all four Beatles and Stevie Nicks.

The advocacy for Osbourne’s solo induction was also championed by his wife, Sharon Osbourne, who emphasized his remarkable career achievements and album sales during a recent appearance on The Adam Carolla Show. Sharon’s impassioned plea resonated with many fans and industry insiders, underscoring the widespread recognition of Osbourne’s contributions to the music world.

As the anticipation builds towards the final announcement of inductees in late April, the selection process remains in the hands of an esteemed panel comprising over 1,000 artists, historians, and music industry professionals, supplemented by input from the public through a fan vote on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s official website.

The highly anticipated induction ceremony, slated to take place in the fall in Cleveland, will be broadcast live on Disney+ and available for subsequent viewing on Hulu and ABC, offering fans worldwide an opportunity to witness this momentous occasion in music history.

7 thoughts on “Ozzy Osbourne On Being Nominee Of 2024 Hall Of Fame: ‘I Could Never Have Imagined’”

  1. Ozzy has been an inspiration to me for many years (I am now 67) and I don’t think I would still be here among the living if it hadn’t been for his understanding of being different and having his music resonate with me emotionally to keep me sane! Thank you Ozzy ♥️

  2. It’s a huge honour to be inducted to the RR H of F. Ozzy for sure deserved to be a nominee. His career post being kicked out of Black Sabbath his for sure pretty well off by his solo music career. I’m voting for him to get induced. John Michael Osbourne is an absolute legendary artist in my eyes. He deserves to get it done to acknowledge his massive success in n the music industry. Ozzy and Black Sabbath have influenced a few big names in the world of music. I’m voting for the legendary Ozzy Osbourne to be induced into the 2024 Rock and Roll hall of fame. Lest go fuxken nuts people 🤘🏻😎🤘🏻

    • He should have been inducted years ago! I lived and breathed Ozzy’s music through my life, saw him live 12 times, including 2 Ozzfests! Ozzy Rules! I also named my youngest son Ozzy💙

  3. He should most definitely be in there as a solo artist, in fact he should of already been in there years ago! Ozzy Osborne is the king of rock and roll or should be anyway. You cant go to an event or a ball game no matter what sport without hearing his music!


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