Nick Mason Shares Possibility Of Pink Floyd Reunion

In a recent interview with *World In Your Ear*, Nick Mason, the famous drummer of Pink Floyd, talked about his relationships with his former bandmates and the chance of them performing together again. Mason shared honest insights into the complicated dynamics within one of rock’s most legendary bands The Complex Dynamics of a Potential Reunion

Mason mentioned that reuniting with David Gilmour and Roger Waters seems unlikely. He noted that although Waters had joined him on stage before, it’s uncertain if it will happen again. Mason explained:

“Not really, but I think he’s certainly in communication with Guy [Pratt] on it, and certainly it’s not disapproval. It would be great if he’d come on and do something, but I think after Roger did it, he probably felt that he didn’t want to follow on.”

When asked if fans could expect to see Mason, Waters, and Gilmour together again, Mason highlighted the unpredictability of such an event:

“I would have thought unlikely, and that’s part of the reason why I eventually gave up saying unlikely, but maybe into unlikely. But I’ll go out on my own anyway.”

Mason also expressed his willingness to join future projects and work with his former bandmates. He commented on Roger Waters’ recent announcement about re-recording the iconic *Dark Side Of The Moon* album for its 50th anniversary without the other band members. Mason shared his reaction to Waters’ new version:

“[Waters] actually sent me a copy of what he was working on, and I wrote to him and said, ‘Annoyingly, it’s absolutely brilliant!’ It was and is. It’s not anything that would be a spoiler for the original at all, it’s an interesting add-on to the thing.”

This exchange shows that the former band members still stay in touch and that Mason appreciates Waters’ artistic efforts.

Mason’s thoughts on a reunion mixed realism with a hint of hope:

“You never know what will be thrown up. I’m tempted to say I’m available for anything.”

The internal dynamics of Pink Floyd continue to captivate fans worldwide. Whether solo or collaborative, each member’s activities are closely followed and analyzed. Mason’s recent interview highlights the practical and emotional aspects of band reunions and the lasting connections music can create.

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