Dee Snider Picks David Lee Roth As A Better Vocalist Than Robert Plant

In a recent post on X, Dee Snider shared his thoughts on what makes a ‘great frontman.’ Responding to a tweet about whether Robert Plant was the ‘greatest frontman of all time,’ Snider made his opinion clear:

“Nope. Amazing singer. But great frontman? He barely spoke to the crowd. ‘Does anybody remember laughter?’ James Brown is the greatest of all time!”

When another user mentioned David Lee Roth as a great frontman but a ‘horrible singer,’ suggesting that having Eddie Van Halen on stage overshadowed the need for good vocals, Snider replied:

“Like I said: singing and fronting are separate things! DLR was a great FM.”

Snider’s Detailed Views on Frontmen

Snider’s opinion on what makes a great frontman has sparked conversations before. Last year, his comments stirred up social media, prompting him to clarify his stance in an interview with Ultimate Guitar:

“When I said they weren’t great frontmen, everybody said, ‘Here’s Dee shooting his mouth off again.’ But I’m not just shooting my mouth off. I’ve actually taken a lot of time to think about it. I didn’t just make an arbitrary statement. I’ve thought about it. I got on my computer, and I studied and researched it.”

Snider explained the difference between singing and fronting:

“Now, a frontman doesn’t have to sing well but needs to be a guy who can engage the audience and entertain the people who stand there. A frontman that can wow the crowd with their incredible voice, yeah, that’s entertaining on a different level, but it’s not the same as a full-scale performance.”

While Snider acknowledged Plant as ‘an incredible singer,’ he stressed that showmanship is key:

“Showmanship, that’s what I do well.”

Snider’s perspective highlights that great frontmen are those who captivate and engage the audience. It’s not just about vocal talent; it’s about bringing unique presence and energy to the stage.

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