Alice Cooper Says Johnny Depp Is As Good A Guitarist As Jeff Beck And Joe Perry

Johnny Depp, best known for his acting, also has a surprising talent for playing the guitar. Alice Cooper, a rock legend, praises Depp’s musical skills, comparing him to famous guitarists like Joe Perry and the late Jeff Beck. Despite Depp’s fame as an actor, Cooper emphasizes Depp’s impressive talent as a musician.

Johnny Depp’s Musical Talent

In an interview with Classic Rock, Alice Cooper talked about how people often underestimate Johnny Depp’s musical abilities. Depp plays in a band called Hollywood Vampires with iconic musicians. Cooper addressed doubts about Depp’s guitar skills, pointing out that Depp has played with renowned artists like Jeff Beck and the Rolling Stones. Cooper stated, “People had no idea that Johnny Depp was a great guitar player. They think he’s a movie star trying to be a guitar player. Well, he’s playing with Jeff Beck, playing with the Stones. You don’t play with those guys unless you know what you’re doing. You get in that room and you’ve got Duff McKagan on bass and Joe Perry on guitar and Joe Walsh on guitar.” This shows how respected Depp is in the rock music world.

There are still some doubts about Depp’s guitar skills. In a discussion on the ‘X5 Podcast,’ Tom Zutaut, an A&R executive, shared his skepticism. He recalled Depp’s auditions, saying, “Johnny Depp auditioned for me twice. This is a funny story. I go to a rehearsal, the manager’s a friend of mine, and he goes, ‘I got this band from Jacksonville, they’re great.’ I go see ’em, and they were terrible. Johnny Depp was the worst guitarist I’d ever seen — but his charisma was insane.” Despite Zutaut’s doubts, Depp’s charisma often changes people’s opinions, showing a complex picture of Depp as a musician.

Alice Cooper on Johnny Depp’s Guitar Skills

However, Alice Cooper strongly believes in Depp’s guitar talent, providing a different view from the skeptics. Cooper stated, “Johnny’s great. When he’s with us he’s not a movie star – he’s a guitar player. And he’s a great guitar player. You don’t go out with Jeff Beck unless you can play guitar, and he really is a player.” This shows that Depp’s contributions to the band and music are genuine.

Depp’s passion for music and the guitar is not new. He started playing the guitar at age 12 and has been a member of The Hollywood Vampires since 2012, alongside Alice Cooper and Joe Perry. This long history with music is a key part of Depp’s identity, showing him as a multifaceted artist beyond his acting career.

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