Mick Mars’ Wife Seraina On Her Husband’s New Solo Album: ‘Blood, Sweat, Tears’

The inaugural solo project from Mick Mars, titled “The Distant Shore of Mars,” is set to launch this coming Friday, February 23. The esteemed guitarist has been engaging his audience on X, sharing previews and visuals tied to the project, including several images hinting at the album’s artwork.

Among these visual teases, one finds Mars in a powerful pose, his fist raised high, showcasing the ‘MARS’ ink across his knuckles, directed towards the lens. Beneath these images, Seraina, his spouse, shared words of encouragement, expressing:

“The culmination of endless effort, dedication, and emotional investment is nearly upon us! Immensely proud of you, my beloved Marsman!”

Mars’ aspirations for a solo venture were first voiced in 2014, initiating recording sessions with John Corabi the following year. However, these early tracks didn’t make it into the final cut of the album. Despite occasional hints from peers, Mars’ solo pursuits were paused, notably during his tenure with Mötley Crüe.

His exit from the group in late 2022 reignited work on the album. Following a legal entanglement with Mötley Crüe, which fueled speculations of “The Distant Shore of Mars” facing hindrances from the band’s record label, Mars made an official announcement of the album on Halloween 2023.

Mars has previously divulged aspects of the album’s content in interviews, noting a departure from his Mötley Crüe sound. In a discussion with Rolling Stone, he touched on a track inspired by personal conflicts, stating:

“I’ve penned a track titled ‘Killing Breed,’ centered on the egoists who strive to dominate and disorient you.”

The promotional phase for the album introduced the premier single, ‘Loyal To The Lie,’ accompanied by a music video in October. Subsequent singles ‘Right Side Of Wrong’ and ‘Undone’ were released in December and January, painting a broader picture of Mars’ solo ambitions.

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