BRUCE DICKINSON Explains Why HEART’S Ann Wilson Is His All-Time Favorite Female Singer

The music world is bursting with extraordinary female vocalists, yet the realms of rock and metal have traditionally been dominated by men. Despite this, the genres are home to some remarkable female talents across their myriad sub-genres. It’s worth noting that among these talents, there are several underrated female voices.

The iconic Iron Maiden lead, Bruce Dickinson, recently shared his admiration for his all-time favorite female vocalist. In a candid moment during his solo Q&A show in Columbus, Ohio, when prompted about his favorite female singer, he didn’t hesitate to praise Ann Wilson of Heart (as reported by Blabbermouth):

“Ann Wilson springs to mind immediately. She may not have had the widespread recognition of someone like Janis Joplin, but her voice is equally mesmerizing. She’s the full package: an incredible voice that’s versatile enough to cover folk and metal beautifully, with impeccable technique. Truly, she’s incomparable. Coming from Bruce, that’s high praise indeed!”

For those interested, Bruce’s heartfelt tribute is captured in a video available online.

Currently, the Iron Maiden singer is on a spoken-word tour, engaging audiences with stories and performances. In one of his latest shows, he even offered a solo vocal rendition of Iron Maiden’s “Writing on the Wall,” a performance that’s also accessible for viewing online.

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