Marilyn Manson Announces First Tour In Five Years Along With Five Finger Death Punch

Marilyn Manson’s social media channels broke a years-long silence with the bombshell announcement of a summer tour alongside Five Finger Death Punch and Slaughter to Prevail. The controversial rocker, facing a maelstrom of abuse allegations, appears undeterred. His Instagram post, featuring only the tour poster with the caption “Marilyn Manson will be going on tour with Five Finger Death Punch this summer…”, shrewdly directs discourse to 5FDP’s page (where comments remain open).

Fan reactions on 5FDP’s post range from ecstatic celebration to pointed condemnation. “Does anyone actually want to see [Manson] anymore?” one commenter asks, while another accuses 5FDP of supporting a “rapist.” Those backing the tour express joy at Manson’s comeback and dismiss his accusers, one fan writing, “A few haters, of course, but whatever…It’s happening.”

This tour marks a defiant return to the spotlight for Manson since actress Evan Rachel Wood first publicly accused him of sexual abuse in 2021. Over a dozen more women followed suit with harrowing allegations of sexual, emotional, and physical violence. The fallout was swift: Manson was dropped by his label, management, and agent. While a criminal investigation’s findings were handed to the district attorney, no charges against Manson have been publicly announced.

The rocker vehemently denies all accusations and has taken legal action against several accusers, with mixed results of settlements and dismissals. His decision to tour with 5FDP signals an intent to weather the ongoing storm. It remains to be seen if venues or promoters will shy away in light of the allegations.

The tour kicks off on August 2nd in Hershey, PA, and crisscrosses the US through September 19th. No supporting band for Manson has been revealed, and reps for both artists remain tight-lipped.

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