Richie Faulkner On Glenn Tipton’s Future In Judas Priest: ‘There’s Good Days And Bad Days’

Judas Priest guitarist Richie Faulkner opened up to Ultimate Guitar about the ongoing collaboration with band legend Glenn Tipton, whose battle with Parkinson’s disease impacts his physical performance. The disease deteriorates motor skills, making the complex fretwork Tipton is known for increasingly difficult. Yet, as Faulkner notes, Tipton’s songwriting spark lives on, a testament to his creative resilience. The band’s latest album, ‘Invincible Shield’, reflects this, showcasing Tipton’s knack for dynamic riffs and unexpected melodies even when his physical playing is limited

Faulkner elaborates: “The good and bad days…that’s just his reality. But Glenn’s mind is sharp, and those ideas he has – they’re the soul of Priest. ” It’s a beautiful partnership. Faulkner describes passing ideas back and forth, becoming an extension of Tipton’s musical vision. Bassist Ian Hill echoes this sentiment in AllMusic, admiring Tipton’s tenacity and highlighting his ongoing role in the band’s creative direction.

While no longer a constant touring presence, Tipton’s fingerprints are all over ‘Invincible Shield’. He penned the fiery ‘Sons of Thunder’, contributed guitar parts, and shaped the album’s defiant spirit – a fitting continuation of his heavy metal legacy.

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