Sharon Osbourne Now Targets Adele And Her ‘Fake’ Accent: ‘Cut The Crap, Just Sing’

Sharon Osbourne, never one to mince words, dropped a verbal bombshell inside the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ house by taking aim at Adele’s accent. Prompted by Kate Middleton’s uncle Gary Goldsmith questioning if Adele has “lost her way,” Osbourne pounced.

“That whole ‘Oh love, I’m so English’ routine? Cut the crap,” she scoffed, ” You don’t talk like that anymore, just sing and be yourself!” Her sharp criticism left Goldsmith and fellow housemate Louis Walsh in stitches, but set off a social media firestorm.

Fans rallied behind Adele, slamming Osbourne for the unnecessary dig. Some even called for an apology, highlighting that many artists evolve their public persona over time. This isn’t the first time Osbourne has stirred up controversy with her opinions. Just recently on the Osbournes podcast, she poked fun at Slayer’s reunion, likening band breakups to divorces with inevitable makeups after a few years apart.

And she didn’t stop there! During her ‘Big Brother’ stint, she also mocked James Corden’s name-dropping tendencies, dissed Anna Wintour as unlikable, and even gagged at the mention of Ellen DeGeneres.

Osbourne’s stint on ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ is meant to be a short one, but her unfiltered commentary has certainly made it memorable. It’s a reminder that Sharon Osbourne isn’t just a rock legend’s wife – she’s a reality TV force, fearlessly speaking her mind…even if it gets her into some hot water.


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