KIRK HAMMETT On METALLICA: “It’s Culture In Its Highest F*cking Form”

In a recent chat with American Songwriter, Kirk Hammett from Metallica talked about the band’s incredible journey and what keeps them going strong. He described Metallica’s bond as a “musical love affair” among the band members, fueled by their shared passion for creating music.

“It’s like a love story with music between the four of us. Our music brings out our love for each other. It’s a strong bond that goes beyond just us.”

Reflecting on Metallica‘s growth, Hammett acknowledged that the band has become bigger than they ever imagined. This brings both blessings and challenges, especially without a clear roadmap for their unique journey.

“Metallica has grown into something beyond us as individuals. It’s amazing. Now, we just have to keep it going, respect it, and guide it. It’s a huge thing now, and that’s both amazing and daunting. There’s no rulebook. So we’ll keep doing what we do because it’s working.”

Hammett emphasized Metallica’s commitment to their fans through music, recognizing its profound impact on people’s lives. He dismissed any idea of an endpoint for Metallica, comparing its potential end to the end of music itself—a notion he strongly opposed.

The band keeps growing, which is great. Our goal is to keep making music that brings people together and helps them. That’s what drives us. It’s more than just fame or competition. It’s about culture, inspiration, and getting people through tough times. Metallica won’t just end one day. It’s like saying music will end, which will never happen. Music is essential, and we’re grateful to be a part of it.

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