SCOTT IAN On SLAYER’s Return: “I Wrote To KERRY And Said: ‘Thanks For Making Me Look Like A Liar.'”

During their “farewell” tour from May 2018 to November 2019, Slayer took the stage for what they claimed would be their final performances. One of the supporting acts during the 2018 North American leg was Anthrax, featuring the somewhat perturbed Scott Ian in their lineup.

In a recent chat with Classic Rock, Ian revealed his irritation upon learning that Slayer would be reuniting for three festival gigs this year. His annoyance stemmed not from the reunion itself but from Slayer’s previous assertion that their 2018-2019 tour marked the definitive end of their journey.

Ian recounted sending a peeved email to guitarist Kerry King, expressing, “Thanks for making me out to be a fibber.” Having spent over a year and a half on Slayer’s farewell tour, Ian had believed their farewell was genuine. Despite his personal belief that the world still needed Slayer, he accepted their announcement as final.

Kerry’s response, a nonchalant “Hahaha. Hey, it’s just three shows,” didn’t quite quell Ian’s skepticism. He retorted, “Yeah, we’ll see.”

In the midst of this discussion, Ian briefly mentioned Anthrax’s upcoming album, hinting that it might rival their aggressive sound from albums like “Persistence Of Time.” This snippet of news surely stirs excitement among Anthrax aficionados.


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