KERRY KING Releases New Single And Music Video ‘Residue’

KERRY KING is gearing up for the release of his debut solo album, “From Hell I Rise,” dropping on May 17th under Reigning Phoenix Music. Today, he unveils the project’s latest single, “Residue,” along with its first music video. The video, co-directed by Jim Louvau and Tony Aguilera, renowned for their work with artists like JERRY CANTRELL and SEBASTIAN BACH, was filmed at their downtown Phoenix studio in early April. It features King’s new band members – Mark Osegueda on vocals, Phil Demmell on guitar, Kyle Sanders on bass, and drummer Paul Bostaph.

Louvau describes the video concept as straightforward: a blazing, intense heavy metal performance introducing Kerry King’s new project and band members. It’s a raw, no-nonsense showcase with the band engulfed in flames and surrounded by burning pentagrams.

King himself is no stranger to fiery themes, given his background in horror-inspired music. He sees fire as a natural fit for his debut video, aligning with his musical style and fascination with darker themes like the devil.

Louvau wanted the video to be a fast-paced visual spectacle, capturing the band’s energy and King’s affinity for pyrotechnics. The inclusion of burning pentagrams adds to the intense atmosphere, setting the stage for a high-octane introduction to King’s new venture.

As for the music, King promises a diverse range of topics, from religious themes to war-inspired tracks, blending heavy, punk, and doomy elements with lightning-fast tempos. He assures fans of SLAYER that there’s something for everyone on this record, whether they’re into classic punk, thrash, or straight-up heavy metal.

Despite having a completed album, King remains prolific, with more songs waiting to be finished. Music and metal are his lifeblood, driving him forward even after four decades in the industry. He’s not done yet, continuing to explore and innovate within the realm of heavy music.


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