In a recent interview on The Metal Podcast, David Ellefson delved into his involvement with the upcoming “Scorching Latin America 2024” tour alongside veteran thrash metal band OVERKILL. The discussion revolved around Ellefson stepping in to handle bass duties for the tour, filling the shoes of original OVERKILL bassist D.D. Verni, is currently recovering from shoulder surgery.

Ellefson’s excitement about being invited to join OVERKILL for the tour was palpable as he expressed his deep connection with the band members. He reminisced about his past collaborations, mentioning how he and Dave Linsk, OVERKILL’s guitarist, had written songs together years ago under the band name ATOMIC 66. Despite the passage of time, Ellefson still found those songs to be “fricking cool” and hinted at a desire to release them digitally, although Dave Linsk had been hesitant.

The interview further highlighted Ellefson’s enduring friendship with the members of OVERKILL, citing instances of jamming together with Bobby Ellsworth (OVERKILL singer) in METAL ALLEGIANCE and conducting clinics with Jason Bittner (OVERKILL drummer). He also touched on the historical connection between MEGADETH and OVERKILL, noting that OVERKILL had toured with MEGADETH during the Peace Sells tour in 1987, cementing a bond that transcended mere musical collaboration.

Ellefson’s admiration for OVERKILL’s musical prowess was evident as he praised the band’s consistency in producing high-quality albums throughout their career. He emphasized that, unlike some other bands, OVERKILL lacked any “duds” in their discography, showcasing their ability to maintain a high standard of musical excellence.

Despite the challenge of mastering OVERKILL’s extensive repertoire within a short timeframe, Ellefson approached the task with enthusiasm, acknowledging the unique songwriting skills of D.D. Verni and the band’s overall musical ingenuity. He humbly recognized that while he may be David Ellefson, he could never replicate D.D. Verni’s mastery, yet he felt honored to step in and support his friends during the tour.

Overall, the interview painted a picture of camaraderie, mutual respect, and shared love for thrash metal music, highlighting David Ellefson’s integral role in the upcoming OVERKILL tour and his deep-seated connections within the metal community.

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