Kerry King Hasn’t Spoken to Tom Araya Since 2019, Dave Lombardo is “Dead to Me”

Amidst a flurry of tribal tattoos and ostentatious wallet chains, the legendary former Slayer guitarist, Kerry King, has finally lifted the veil on his highly anticipated solo venture. With his new album and its inaugural single now unleashed upon the world, fans and critics alike are delving into the depths of Rolling Stone’s exclusive interview with King, eager to uncover the juicy details – particularly the interpersonal drama between himself and the other former members of Slayer.

And drama, it seems, is in abundance.

In his candid conversation with Rolling Stone’s Kory Grow, King’s reflections naturally gravitated towards the realm of Slayer. As a founding pillar of the band, King has weathered every storm and forged deep bonds with his fellow bandmates. However, amidst the camaraderie, one notable absence looms large – frontman Tom Araya.

“Not even a text. Not even an email,” King reveals.

While King admits to maintaining communication with almost every other member of the band, the conspicuous silence from Araya speaks volumes. Reflecting on their dynamic, King laments the perpetual discord, jesting that if he were to proclaim the sky blue, Araya would inevitably counter with a claim of whiteness. It’s a clash of personalities that has endured through the years, leaving the two at an impasse.

Despite the rift, King maintains a semblance of cordiality, expressing willingness to share a tequila shot with Araya should the opportunity arise. However, he acknowledges the unlikelihood of a lasting reconciliation, citing irreconcilable differences.

Yet, when the conversation turns to ex-Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo, King’s tone sharpens. Recounting their tumultuous fallout during a period of financial strife within the band, King harbors a deep-seated animosity towards Lombardo. The wounds inflicted by Lombardo’s public denunciation on a flight to Australia still sting, as King recalls being unfairly scapegoated.

As for the prospect of a Slayer reunion, King’s outlook appears bleak. With his focus firmly set on his burgeoning solo career, he dismisses the notion of revisiting the Slayer legacy. While he acknowledges the possibility of sporadic shows, King remains resolute in his commitment to forging ahead with his newfound musical endeavors.

In essence, King’s sentiments echo a sentiment of closure and forward momentum. As he embarks on this new chapter, he leaves behind the tumultuous legacy of Slayer, carving out a path defined by creative autonomy and personal fulfillment. And while the specter of Slayer may linger in the shadows, King’s gaze remains steadfastly fixed on the future, ready to chart his course for the next decade and beyond.


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