A runaway dog snuck into a Metallica concert and watched the entire show from the stands

In a surprising turn of events at Metallica‘s recent concert in California, the atmosphere shifted from heavy metal to unexpected canine delight when a four-legged intruder named Storm managed to infiltrate the epic event at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood on August 25.

The local Animal Hope & Wellness Organization initially reported on the same day that Storm had been left behind by her owner during the concert, sharing an endearing photo of the dog comfortably seated in the audience. However, as the image of Storm went viral, Metallica took to social media to dispel any misconceptions.

On X (formerly Twitter), the iconic heavy metal band posted the same picture and clarified that Storm had ingeniously slipped out of her owner’s home, making her way into the venue entirely on her own. According to Metallica, Storm reveled in a full night of the concert, embracing her newfound status as a member of the “MetallicaFamily,” before being joyfully reunited with her actual family the following day.

Metallica added a humorous twist to the tale, revealing that Storm had a blast listening to her favorite tunes, creatively renaming Metallica classics as “Barx Æterna,” “Master of Puppies,” and “The Mailman That Never Comes.”

Storm’s owner, Arizbeth Hurtado, expressed her astonishment at discovering her dog’s unexpected love for Metallica, sharing with PetHelpful, “She is apparently a huge Metallica fan who decided to sneak out for the concert!” Hurtado found amusement in the situation, especially when seeing Storm comfortably seated in a proper concert chair.

SoFi Stadium, the remarkable venue for the concert, proudly announced on Facebook that Metallica had set a new single-show attendance record on August 25, drawing an astounding 80,000 fans to witness the historic event. In a heartfelt post, the stadium expressed gratitude for two unforgettable, sold-out nights of Metallica’s unparalleled performance.

A Dog Sneaks Into Metallica Concert, Attends Entire Set In US

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