BRUCE KULICK On KISS’s Final Concert: ‘I Wasn’t Asked To Be There And I Wasn’t Invited’

In a recent interview with Ultimate Classic Rock, former KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick expressed his thoughts on not being involved in the band’s final show at New York City’s Madison Square Garden. Kulick mentioned that he wasn’t asked or invited to attend, and had an understanding of this situation since the final shows were announced. He discussed how he had previously played with KISS, both unplugged and electrically, on the Kiss Kruise, but felt that KISS’s manager, Doc McGhee, didn’t fully appreciate his era with the band.

Kulick shared his understanding of the band’s decision, stating that he wasn’t looking for a chance to play with them during their final show, despite believing that fans would have been thrilled. He also mentioned the awkwardness of not being backstage while his friends were attending the event.

Reflecting on his time with KISS, Kulick joined the band in 1984 and played as their lead guitarist for twelve years, being featured in their DVDs “Kissology – Vol. 2” and “Vol. 3”. He also spoke about his relief at not being asked to rejoin KISS after Ace Frehley left in 2001, emphasizing his unique style and his happiness with his role in GRAND FUNK RAILROAD. Kulick expressed his contentment with his career and his avoidance of negative interactions on social media.

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