Max Cavalera Has ‘No Interest’ In Sepultura’s Music After His Departure

Soulfly’s charismatic frontman, Max Cavalera, recently engaged in a candid conversation with Scott Itter of Dr. Music, shedding light on his indifference toward Sepultura’s musical endeavors post his departure from the iconic band.

When queried about whether he has listened to any of Sepultura’s albums released after his exit, Cavalera offered a metaphorical perspective, likening the situation to a breakup where one doesn’t check up on an ex-partner’s life on social media. He expressed a sense of distance, emphasizing his lack of interest in keeping tabs on Sepultura’s musical trajectory, stating, “I haven’t. It’s like… People say if you break up with your wife and she marries somebody else, you don’t really go on Facebook and go see what they’re doing. [You keep your] distance. I feel kind of like that. So I have no interest. I’ve got a lot of stuff to keep me busy. It’s a fair question, and I’m sure a lot of people wonder about that, but, yeah, I haven’t [heard anything].”

The tensions leading to Cavalera’s departure from Sepultura in 1996 were multifaceted, intertwining family issues and internal conflicts, particularly centered around the role of Gloria, his wife and the band’s manager. While external perceptions often lay blame on Gloria, Max clarified in a 2022 interview with The Dan Chow Show that the separation was a result of growing apart and mutual animosity. Drawing parallels to other legendary bands like The Beatles and Pantera, he asserted that the joy of playing together had dissipated, signifying a natural progression to move on.

Post-Sepultura, Max Cavalera has remained a formidable force in the music scene, founding influential bands such as Soulfly, Nailbomb, and Killer Be Killed. Addressing the prospect of rejoining Sepultura in a February 2023 conversation with the Rock Interview Series, he cited his busy schedule with current projects, with Soulfly taking precedence. Cavalera dismissed the idea of a reunion, stating that he doesn’t see a real need for it and is content with his current musical endeavors.

Watch the full interview below.

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