Eddie Vedder Is Impressed By Taylor Swift Fans: ‘It’s Like Punk Rock Crowds’

Eddie Vedder, the lead singer of Pearl Jam, recently shared his admiration for Taylor Swift’s fanbase, drawing an unexpected comparison to punk rock audiences.

In an interview with Mojo, Vedder recounted the experience of attending a Taylor Swift concert with his daughter. He was particularly struck by the camaraderie and spirit of Swift’s fans. Vedder described:

“The anticipation, crafting friendship bracelets together, and witnessing the kindness among these young fans, exchanging bracelets adorned with lyrics or song titles, was heartwarming. They had discovered a sense of belonging, a unified agreement.”

Vedder elaborated on the similarity he saw between Swift’s fans and punk rock audiences:

“It took me back to the punk rock scenes of my youth, where we, the misfits, found unity. The experience was both unifying and empowering, reminiscent of those days.”

The Vedder family was spotted at Swift’s Seattle concert on July 22 last year, where Eddie Vedder donned a blazer over a T-shirt quoting Swift’s “Anti-Hero” lyrics, “It’s me, hi, I’m the father, it’s me.” The occasion became a family affair with Vedder’s daughters, Olivia and Harper, snapping a picture with Swift, later shared by their mother.

An amusing twist occurred when a TikTok video surfaced showing Vedder at the concert, but he was misidentified as actor Pedro Pascal. The caption read:

“Pedro Pascal is at the Seattle Eras Tour Night #1.”

The mistake was quickly pointed out by several commenters, including Olivia Vedder herself, who humorously clarified, “That’s fully my dad.”

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