Michael Monroe: Vince Neil ‘Sings For Real’ During Mötley Crüe Live Shows

Michael Monroe recently shared his thoughts on Vince Neil’s live performance during an interview with Janne Innanfors on Rockklassiker radio in Sweden.

The lead singer of Hanoi Rocks recounted his first experience watching Mötley Crüe perform live. Although he had a chance to see them earlier when Alice Cooper was their opening act in Finland, Monroe had skipped their set. However, this time he stayed, saying:

“I caught their show for the first time. I had missed them previously when they played in Finland, with Alice Cooper opening. But watching their full performance now, I was genuinely impressed.”

Monroe was particularly struck by Neil’s authenticity and energy on stage:

“Vince Neil truly sang from the heart, and you could tell. The performance was outstanding, really resonating with the audience. And when the show ended, Nikki Sixx and Vince Neil themselves came over, and we shared a heartfelt moment. I mentioned to Vince that Razzle had always hoped for us frontmen to meet, recognizing the kinship in our roles.”

This backstage meeting happened at Finland’s Rockfest 2023, where Monroe and Neil met for the first time. Monroe captured this momentous occasion on Instagram, stating it was one of the most significant encounters of his life. He reflected on how Razzle, Hanoi Rocks’ late drummer, had always wanted the two singers to meet.

Nikki Sixx joined in the warm reunion, welcoming Monroe with open arms and highlighting the passage of time and the distance that had kept them apart. Sixx shared in his own post:

“Running into Michael Monroe was a delightful surprise. It’s been ages since we last saw each other. With our busy lives, careers, and living in different corners of the world, it’s hard to keep in touch. Michael, you’re truly a class act. Next time, don’t forget your harmonica.”

The meeting between Monroe and Neil on June 9 was filled with nostalgia and newfound respect, marking a poignant moment long after the tragic accident that claimed Razzle’s life and led to the dissolution of Hanoi Rocks.

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