Steve Lukather Hints Something Big About Toto: ‘I Won’t Let This Thing Die’

In a heartfelt conversation with the Regina Leader-Post, Steve Lukather of Toto revealed his deep dedication to sustaining the band’s heritage, despite facing numerous challenges including the loss of founding members Jeff Porcaro in 1992 and Mike Porcaro in 2015, as well as the retirement of significant figures like Steve Porcaro and David Hungate. Despite these hurdles, Toto marches on, with David Paich still contributing offstage due to health issues.

Lukather’s commitment to honoring the band’s legacy is clear. He expressed:

“Every day, I feel the absence of our lost members, so we honor them by performing at our highest level with the finest musicians we can gather. I’m fully committed to this legacy—we’ve built it over 46 years. Our dedication is also driven by demand; people still want to see us perform. Surprisingly, our career is experiencing a resurgence, which is quite rare for bands of our era.”

Lukather shared insights into the band’s evolution in an earlier discussion with Kenny Aronoff, acknowledging the impossibility of recapturing the original essence of Toto from 1978. He stated:

“We’re no longer the band of 1978, and we never will be again. My life’s work is in Toto, and I’ve battled to keep our music alive despite the criticism. There’s a misconception that being a studio musician diminishes our credibility as a rock band, which couldn’t be further from the truth.”

Despite criticism, Lukather remains unwavering in his efforts to ensure Toto’s music continues to reach fans around the globe, honoring the rich history of the band.

Toto embarked on a North American tour featuring 30 performances alongside Journey and 14 standalone concerts, kicking off in Biloxi, MS, on February 9 and concluding in Bridgeport, CT, on April 29. The band has plans for a European tour spanning June to early August, with shows in the UK scheduled for early 2025, further underscoring Lukather’s pledge to keep Toto’s spirit alive and thriving.

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