KIRK HAMMETT: ‘SLAYER’s KERRY KING Doesn’t Get Enough Credit As A Rhythm Guitar Player’

In a recent conversation with Total Guitar, Kirk Hammett, the illustrious guitarist of METALLICA, delved into the depths of the band’s seminal 1991 self-titled album, affectionately known as The Black Album. Reflecting on his creative process for crafting riffs, mastering rhythmic intricacies, and the profound influences that shaped his musical journey, Hammett offered a glimpse into the mind of a maestro.

It was a quest for speed and weightiness… akin to the mighty SLAYER!” Hammett exclaimed with fervor. “SLAYER is an unparalleled force. I mean, what’s not to love? They are titans in our realm.” With admiration dripping from his words, he continued, “Kerry King possesses a finesse that’s unparalleled. His technique is as smooth as silk; effortlessly traversing realms from thunderous heaviness to blistering velocity, all with an uncanny fluidity.

Yet,” he mused, “Kerry’s prowess as a rhythm guitarist often flies under the radar. He’s a virtuoso in that aspect, and his skills as a lead guitarist? Undeniable. His approach is consistently aggressive, a trait I deeply admire.”

As SLAYER bid their final farewell on stage in November 2019 at the iconic Forum in Los Angeles, the echoes of their thunderous performances reverberated throughout the metal community. Ayesha King, wife of Kerry King, emphatically declared, “There’s not a snowball’s chance in hell” of a SLAYER reunion.

However, amidst the solemn farewell, whispers of new endeavors emerged. In an exclusive interview with Australia’s Riff Crew, SLAYER’s formidable drummer, Paul Bostaph, confirmed his collaboration with Kerry King on a new musical endeavor.

Speculation swirled around Kerry King’s post-SLAYER project, with rumors suggesting a lineup featuring stalwarts such as SLAYER/EXODUS guitarist Gary Holt and the legendary former frontman of PANTERA, Philip Anselmo.

Despite the curtain closing on SLAYER’s legendary career, Kristen Mulderig, a key figure within SLAYER’s management at Rick Sales Entertainment Group, assured fans that the legacy would endure. “We’re transitioning into a legacy phase,” she explained, “there’s still much to be done. While records and tours may be a thing of the past, the spirit of SLAYER lives on. From endorsements to merchandise, and even contemplating immersive SLAYER-centric events, the flame continues to burn bright.

In the annals of heavy metal history, SLAYER’s legacy remains eternal, a testament to their unparalleled impact on the genre.

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