COREY TAYLOR On How Much Money SLIPKNOT Makes: ‘We’re Upper Middle Class’

In a recent installment of the FeedbackDef podcast, Corey Taylor delved into the financial dynamics of being part of a renowned band like SLIPKNOT, dispelling the misconception that rock stars are universally rolling in wealth.

Contrary to popular belief, Taylor disclosed that SLIPKNOT doesn’t rake in exorbitant sums. While they earn enough for a comfortable life, the band has never received colossal deals, considering the numerous members and crew they need to compensate, along with production costs. Taylor emphasized that, when factoring in expenses, they fall into the upper-middle-class bracket, adjusting for inflation.

Exploring the reasons behind SLIPKNOT’s financial situation, Taylor mused about their reactionary nature and the limited appeal to a specific audience. He acknowledged their niche within the genre and its outskirts but admitted that their mass market appeal is limited. This, he believes, is a key factor preventing them from amassing fortunes comparable to mainstream icons like Taylor Swift. Taylor dispelled the myth that all rock stars live in luxury, pointing out that relentless touring is necessary to cover their bills.

SLIPKNOT’s latest album, “The End, So Far,” released on September 30, 2022, marks their final collaboration with Roadrunner Records, a partnership dating back to 1998. The album follows the success of their 2019 release, “We Are Not Your Kind,” which achieved a #1 debut on the Billboard 200 and received acclaim worldwide. Despite their massive global impact, Taylor’s candid revelations shed light on the economic realities that challenge the notion of extravagant wealth within the rock star lifestyle.

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