Joey Jordison’s Estate Is Suing Slipknot for Allegedly Profiting Off His Death

The legal battle involving the late Joey Jordison’s estate and his former band, Slipknot, is a complex and multifaceted issue. According to the lawsuit, which has been extensively covered by sources like Page Six, Consequence, and Blabbermouth, the estate alleges that Slipknot members Corey Taylor and Shawn “Clown” Crahan exploited Jordison’s death in 2021 for financial gain. The lawsuit accuses them of using his passing to promote Slipknot’s 2022 album, “The End, So Far,” and alleges that they failed to return some of Jordison’s belongings, including musical instruments and gear.

The estate claims that Taylor and Crahan did not extend condolences to Jordison’s family after his passing and instead focused on capitalizing on the situation. The lawsuit also touches on the circumstances of Jordison’s departure from the band in 2013, describing it as abrupt and callous, especially considering Jordison’s health issues involving transverse myelitis.

Additionally, the estate contends that some of Jordison’s possessions were used in a traveling Slipknot museum, “Knotfest,” for profit, despite a prior agreement to return them to Jordison. The lawsuit, filed in June 2023, alleges that at least 22 items were not returned as agreed.

On the other side, Taylor and Crahan have reportedly denied these allegations and requested the dismissal of the complaint. This legal battle highlights not only the personal and professional complexities within the band but also raises questions about the handling of a member’s legacy and possessions after their passing.

Jordison’s impact on the metal world and his contribution to Slipknot were significant, and his passing in 2021 was met with widespread mourning. The current legal dispute adds a contentious chapter to the history of Slipknot and its members, reflecting the often tumultuous relationships within successful bands.

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