Lita Ford: ‘Robert Plant Wanted Me To Replace John Paul Jones’

lita ford and led zeppelin

In a revealing interview with Guitar World, Lita Ford shared an astonishing moment from her career—when she nearly joined Led Zeppelin as their bassist. Ford recounted Robert Plant’s unexpected suggestion, which left her in disbelief. She recounted: “Robert Plant mentioned they were considering a change at bass, hinting at replacing John Paul Jones. I was … Read more

Ex-Slipknot Singer Records New Version Of ’Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat.’: ‘It’s Dedicated To Joey And Paul’


Anders Colsefni, the original frontman for Slipknot, has reimagined the band’s debut album, ‘Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat.’, as a heartfelt homage to the departed members, Joey Jordison and Paul Gray. This tribute was shared with fans via Blabbermouth. Colsefni expressed his intentions, stating: “I’ve dedicated this album to Joey [Jordison] and Paul [Gray], my forever … Read more

CHARLIE BENANTE Says VINNIE PAUL ‘Was Open’ To Do PANTERA Reunion ‘At One Point’

Charlie Benate and Vinnie Paul

In a recent episode of The Vinyl Guide Podcast, drummer Charlie Benante shared insights about his involvement in PANTERA’s highly anticipated return to the stage. The revived PANTERA lineup, featuring Phil Anselmo on vocals, Rex Brown on bass, Zakk Wylde on guitar, and Charlie Benante on drums, is gearing up to headline major festivals across … Read more



Last night, under the starry embrace of Osaka, Japan, the pulse of heavy music surged as Jay Weinberg, erstwhile drummer of SLIPKNOT, took the stage for his inaugural performance with SUICIDAL TENDENCIES. The air crackled with anticipation, a palpable energy reverberating through the venue as fans bore witness to this historic moment. Below, you can … Read more

‘I Said, ‘OZZ, Did You Take Vocal Lessons For ‘Sabotage’?’ He Says, ‘No, ZAKK, Just Lots Of Drugs’: ZAKK WYLDE On BLACK SABBATH’s Legacy

zakk and ozzy

During a recent captivating episode of “The Power Hour,” the legendary guitarist Zakk Wylde delved into the depths of reminiscence, unraveling Ozzy Osbourne‘s fascinating perspective on the zenith of BLACK SABBATH’s illustrious career, juxtaposed against Geezer Butler’s profound admiration for the quintessential essence embodied in “Master of Reality.” The first eight opuses of BLACK SABBATH … Read more

Original SLIPKNOT Vocalist ANDERS COLSEFNI Says New Version Of ‘Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat.’ Album Was Released Without His Consent


Yesterday, on March 14th, a reimagined rendition of SLIPKNOT’s iconic album “Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat.” emerged, courtesy of the band’s original vocalist, Anders Colsefni. However, a storm brewed as Colsefni took to his Facebook sanctuary to unveil a troubling revelation regarding the album’s resurrection: it was unleashed into the world without his blessing. In a … Read more

OBITUARY’s JOHN TARDY Explains Why It Takes His Band Several Years To Release New Music

In a candid discussion with Sense Music Media, the enigmatic frontman of OBITUARY, John Tardy, delved into the intricacies of the band’s creative process and the significance of taking ample time between album releases. Reflecting on the evolution of their songwriting, Tardy illuminated the importance of allowing ideas to gestate, marinate, and ultimately flourish over … Read more