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Meta Description: Discover Beach Bunny’s new music with their latest single ‘Vertigo’. Released on June 17th, this upbeat indie pop track blends pop, punk, and indie sounds for a catchy, danceable hit.

Beach Bunny New Music: Catchy Single ‘Vertigo’ Released

Chicago band Beach Bunny is back with exciting new music. Their latest single, ‘Vertigo,’ released on June 17th, is an upbeat indie pop track that is both catchy and bouncy.

‘Vertigo’: A True Indie Pop Bop

Described as a true “bop,” Beach Bunny’s new music track ‘Vertigo’ perfectly fits the term. From the initial guitar strum, listeners are immersed in a fast-tempo blend of pop, punk, and indie music that encourages dancing. Vocalist Lilo Trifilio describes the song as “a bop about self-sabotage, jealousy, and generally spiraling (classic).”

Inspiration Behind ‘Vertigo’

Trifilio shared insights into the song’s creation, revealing that she is “on a journey of self-awareness.” While reflecting on these themes during a flight, she developed the melody. “I wrote this on an airplane in my head and tried to demo it in the bathroom very sneakily,” she explained. “But airplane bathrooms are super loud, so to not forget how it went, since the audio was trash, I sang it in my head for the entire duration of a four-hour flight.”

Beach Bunny’s Tour and Upcoming Plans

Currently, Beach Bunny is wrapping up their tour supporting Melanie Martinez, with shows remaining in Florida, California, Arizona, and Texas. They also have plans to headline later in the year. ‘Vertigo’ will be a highlight in their solo shows, including performances with The Greeting Committee in Missouri in August and a set at Chicago’s Riot Fest.

Future Releases: What to Expect

While there are no details yet about more new music from Beach Bunny, fans hope ‘Vertigo’ is just the beginning of an exciting series of tracks. Their previous album, Emotional Creature, was a successful mix of bedroom pop, TikTok-inspired indie music, and a romantic comedy soundtrack.

The album received positive reviews from fans and critics, leading to multiple tour dates as both headliners and support acts. Beach Bunny is eager to replicate that success, which explains the gap between releases.

This is a developing story, but you can listen to the brand-new single ‘Vertigo’ below. Stay tuned for more updates on Beach Bunny’s new music.

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