The most underrated rock guitarist, according to Slash: “He’s phenomenal”

Meta Description: Slash praises Tom Morello, calling him an underrated guitarist. Discover why Morello’s innovative style and contributions to rock music deserve more recognition.

Slash Praises Tom Morello’s Underrated Guitar Genius

The world of the music business isn’t always fair, especially when it comes to recognizing great musicians. Every guitarist dreams of being praised for their speed and skill, but that doesn’t guarantee success. Even though Slash is renowned for his impeccable playing, he believes that Tom Morello is an underrated guitarist who hasn’t received the credit he deserves.

Tom Morello’s Versatile Style

One reason Tom Morello remains underrated is his versatile style across different projects. From Rage Against the Machine to Audioslave, and his folk protest project, The Nightwatchman, Morello constantly reinvents his sound. Unlike the bluesy style of Slash, Morello aimed to break away from traditional fretboard theatrics, opting for innovative effects that made his guitar sound like a DJ’s turntable.

Innovative Techniques in Guitar Playing

In Rage Against the Machine, Morello’s solos on tracks like ‘Killing in the Name’ and ‘Bulls on Parade’ showcased his unique approach. Using a whammy pedal and other effects, he created sounds resembling record scratches and other non-traditional noises. Slash, who typically plays first and adds effects later, admires Morello’s inventiveness. “He’s one of the most inventive and innovative guitarists around, but no one seems to pay enough attention to him. He’s phenomenal,” Slash told Louder.

More Than Just Effects: Morello’s Technical Skill

Beyond his effects, Morello’s technical skill is evident. His solo in ‘Take the Power Back’ demonstrates his deep understanding of guitar shredding, showing that his talent extends beyond making noise. Despite being featured alongside Slash in Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock, Morello continues to push creative boundaries. His contribution to Maneskin’s album Rush!, particularly the track ‘Gossip’, features one of the most ferocious solos in mainstream rock.

Recognition from Peers and Continued Innovation

While Slash’s iconic status is secure, he acknowledges that Morello’s guitar genius is often overlooked. “He’s so talented and creative,” Slash says. The potential guitar battle between Slash and Morello might be closer than many rock fans realize, highlighting just how underrated Tom Morello is as a guitarist.

Tom Morello’s innovative style and contributions to rock music make him an underrated guitarist deserving of more recognition.

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