Dave Davies left dismayed as Hall of Fame Trophy is listed on eBay

Dave Davies has spoken out after it was revealed that his Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame trophy was listed on eBay. In a statement regarding the sale, he said that the precious item is being auctioned “without my consent”.

The original lineup of The Kinks, including brothers Dave and Ray Davis, alongside bassist Pete Quaife and drummer Mick Avory, were welcomed into the Hall Of Fame in 1990. They were inducted by Graham Nash, who said that, despite the accolade they received, the band were still “underrated players and songwriters”.

The ceremony was a momentous occasion as it also marked the first time the band had performed together in many years, reuniting for one night to receive the honour.

However, in the years following the ceremony, Davies admitted, “I lost track of my award years ago and didn’t know where it was.”

He said, “If the person bought it at a storage unit, it may have been [around] the time of my 2004 stroke when I was incapacitated in [the] UK”.

Davies suffered a stroke in 2004 that left him hospitalised for two months, forcing him to have to relearn to play guitar. However, he did write a new album, Fractured Mindz, at this time. But He thinks this must have been when the trophy went missing, adding, “I’m grateful to have made a full record from my stroke but it’s a shame that I wasn’t contacted. I’m assuming this is what happened. This auction makes me very sad.”

Now, the guitarist noticed that the trophy was up for sale on eBay. Seeing it listed for USD$12,500 (£9,860), Davies wrote on social media, “This auction makes me very sad.”

He claims he’s reached out to the seller directly in the hopes of resolving the matter, stating, “We’ve written to the seller and are waiting to hear back. I don’t want to have to pay 12 grand to get my own award back. But maybe we can work something out more reasonable.”

The seller who put the item up for sale, Colony Records, replied to that call out, saying, “Follow me and shoot me a message on X, and we will work it out.” So hopefully the trophy will be back in its rightful hands soon.

Last year, Ray Davies shared with NME that the band have enough new material for “about 20” new songs. He said, “There are about two or three songs I want to finish, and when they’re finished, I’ll put the whole thing together.” With perhaps a new album on the way, he claimed that the idea of a Kinks reunion remains “in the lap of the gods”.

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