Sebastian Bach Complains That Skid Row Wasn’t Helped Like Metallica Or Mötley Crüe

Sebastian Bach used a Q&A session on ‘The 80s Cruise’ to vent about Skid Row’s lack of reunion, drawing an unflattering comparison to the therapy-fueled drama in Metallica’s ‘Some Kind of Monster’ documentary. “Nobody helped Skid Row… it was like, ‘You guys are on your own. Figure it out,'” he complained. Pointing to the success of reunions by Aerosmith and Mötley Crüe, Bach sees no reason why Skid Row couldn’t follow suit – except maybe the lack of a high-priced therapist to mediate.

Bach, ousted from Skid Row in 1996 over creative clashes, seems to harbor a lingering resentment about being left out in the cold. His bandmates, however, have long moved on. Two years ago, guitarist Snake Sabo flatly dismissed the idea of reconciliation to We Go To 11, “That conversation is 23 years old… I have no desire…we’re really, really happy where we’re at.”

This fundamental disconnect underscores the whole reunion debate. For Bach, it seems to be about unresolved wounds and regaining lost glory. For Skid Row, it’s about a current lineup they’re proud of and not wanting to disrupt that flow. The irony? Even as Bach fixates on what his old band didn’t get, Skid Row’s upcoming North American tour and his own solo dates show both sides forging ahead with their current musical identities.

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