Arch Enemy split with guitarist Jeff Loomis

Arch Enemy, a prominent Swedish melodic death metal band, recently announced a significant lineup change. Jeff Loomis, their guitarist for nearly a decade, has departed from the band. His tenure was marked by worldwide tours and a strong camaraderie within the group, as noted by founding guitarist Michael Amott. Amott expressed both respect and well-wishes for Loomis, acknowledging his need to pursue a different path.

Simultaneously, the band introduced Joey Conception as their new guitarist. Conception, an American musician with past affiliations to Armageddon and The Absence, is no stranger to Arch Enemy. He previously stepped in for Loomis during some European festival shows in 2018. The band, excited about this new addition, anticipates a flurry of touring and projects in 2024 and beyond.

Loomis also shared his thoughts, reflecting on his fulfilling experience with Arch Enemy and his readiness to embark on a new chapter in his career. Conception, expressing his enthusiasm, is eager to perform on global stages and interact with Arch Enemy’s fanbase.

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