Synyster Gates on A7X album, “For many people, this is the death of Avenged Sevenfold”

Avenged Sevenfold’s recent album, “Life Is But a Dream…,” has become a topic of intense discussion among metal enthusiasts. Highly praised for its bold artistic direction by critics, it has also faced mixed reactions from fans, who feel it strays too far from the band’s traditional style. Synyster Gates, the band’s guitarist, reflected on this in a conversation with Metal Hammer, comparing the situation to how people view different eras of The Beatles.

Gates suggested that this album might be seen as the end of Avenged Sevenfold as fans knew it, but also as the beginning of a new chapter. “Life Is But a Dream…” is a clear deviation from their earlier work, eschewing their hallmark heavy riffs and catchy choruses for a more eclectic blend of progressive rock, jazz, and orchestral elements. This change has been a point of contention for fans who miss the old Avenged Sevenfold sound, evident in hits like “Bat Country” and “Hail to the King.”

Despite the mixed fan reactions, Gates noted the album’s positive reception in the press and the thoughtful consideration it has received, even from those who gave it negative reviews. He appreciates that the album has sparked conversation and maintained interest in the band.

“Life Is But a Dream…” represents a daring and introspective venture, challenging listeners to step beyond their comfort zone and explore new musical landscapes. It’s an album that might not resonate with everyone, but for those who are open to its diverse sounds and themes, it offers a rich and rewarding experience. In embracing this new direction, Avenged Sevenfold invites their audience to discover a different aspect of their artistry, possibly leading to a newfound appreciation for the band’s evolving sound.

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