Dave Grohl Says He Is Waiting For METALLICA To Call Him

In a recent glimpse into his musical aspirations published by Far Out, Dave Grohl, the mastermind behind Foo Fighters, revealed his heightened anticipation and eagerness for an invitation from the legendary Metallica, whom he affectionately refers to as his “fantasy band.” Grohl’s profound admiration for the iconic metal giants is palpable as he expresses a deep desire to collaborate with these musical titans.

In his own words:

“I have my fantasy bands, I’m just waiting for Metallica to call. I love being a drummer, cos to me I’m a drummer who’s pretending to be a singer-songwriter. That’s honestly the way I feel.”

Dave Grohl’s appreciation for Metallica has been a recurring theme throughout his career. Notably, in a heartwarming gesture four years ago during a live performance, Grohl extended a unique invitation to a 10-year-old boy.

This extraordinary opportunity allowed the young musician to share the stage with Grohl, culminating in a joint performance of Metallica’s iconic song, ‘Enter Sandman.’ The moment not only brought immense joy to the budding musician but also resonated with the entire audience, showcasing Grohl’s deep connection with Metallica’s music.

Metallica, in its illustrious history, has also demonstrated a willingness to welcome diverse talents onto its stage during live performances. A notable example includes the occasion when Joey Jordison, the renowned drummer of Slipknot, stepped in to assume Lars Ulrich’s role behind the drum kit.

This episode stands as a testament to Metallica’s openness to extraordinary collaborations, underscoring their commitment to embracing unique musical contributions. It exemplifies Metallica’s tradition of celebrating diverse talents and highlighting the transformative power of collaboration in their live shows.


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