The Real Reasons Max Cavalera Quit Sepultura

Max Cavalera’s departure from Sepultura in 1996 marked a significant moment in metal history, ending his involvement with the band he co-founded in the early 1980s. This event left fans and the music world in shock, stemming from a complex mix of personal and professional tensions.

**Inter-band Tension and Management Issues:**
A major factor in the rift was Sepultura’s decision to part ways with their manager, Gloria, who was also Max’s wife. Max perceived this as both a professional and personal slight, deeply impacting the band’s dynamics. He later described the situation as “rotten,” suggesting that a break might have been beneficial, but ultimately, separation was the only solution.

Max’s Own Behavior:

Cavalera himself acknowledged his contribution to the tensions, admitting that his actions played a part in the growing discord within Sepultura. He expressed frustration with fans blaming Gloria, emphasizing that the band members themselves were responsible for the split. This admission highlights the internal conflicts and differing visions that led to his exit.

**Complications from Personal Tragedy:**
The tragic death of Cavalera’s stepson, Dana Wells, in 1996, added another layer of complexity to the situation. While not directly causing his departure, this event strained relationships within the band and likely influenced Cavalera’s decision-making during this period.

Despite these challenges, Cavalera went on to form Soulfly, continuing his influential presence in the metal scene. Sepultura, on the other hand, moved forward with a new lineup, bringing in vocalist Derrick Green in 1997.

Reflecting on the past, Max has chosen to let go of any bitterness, acknowledging the difference in Sepultura’s music before and after his tenure. He remains proud of the band’s classic records from the 1980s and 1990s.

As Sepultura recently announced plans to disband after 40 years, there’s hope among fans for a final reunion involving the Cavaleras. Such an event would offer a fitting closure to the band’s remarkable journey in the metal world.

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