The Popular Modern Metal Band That Slayer’s Kerry King Can’t Stand

Kerry King, the former guitarist for Slayer, is known for his outspoken opinions, especially when it comes to music. Throughout his career in the thrash metal scene, he has often been candid about his views on other bands.

One significant instance of this was his reaction to Metallica’s “St. Anger” album. King was very critical, questioning the band’s direction and quality of their newer music compared to their earlier albums. He described “St. Anger” as “garbage,” a strong statement reflecting his disappointment with the album.

Despite his tendency to be critical, King is also known for being equally straightforward about his own band’s work. He doesn’t shy away from critiquing Slayer’s music when he feels it’s warranted.

Regarding the band Ghost, which has gained significant popularity in recent years, King has mixed feelings. While he expresses great respect for their visual aesthetic and appreciates them personally, he admits that their music does not appeal to him. He recounted an experience of trying to enjoy Ghost’s music but finding that it just wasn’t to his taste, despite his efforts and their popularity.

King’s comments highlight his commitment to authenticity in his musical opinions, demonstrating that he values both artistic integrity and personal authenticity in his assessments of both his own work and that of others in the metal genre.

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