The Rare Injury Steven Tyler Had To Endure

Meta Description: Discover the highs and lows of Aerosmith’s farewell tour, Peace Out, and how Steven Tyler’s injury impacted the legendary band’s final journey.

Rock and roll doesn’t slow down for age – or at least, it shouldn’t. Bands like Aerosmith have proven that for decades, keeping the energy high and the music pumping well into their later years. Formed in 1970, they rose from the Boston club scene with a sound that was equal parts raw power and infectious melody. Their journey took them from the underground to sold-out stadiums, with a string of hits that continue to dominate playlists today.

However, even the most seasoned rockers face challenges. In 2022, Aerosmith’s farewell tour hit a snag when frontman Steven Tyler had to prioritize his health, revealing a surprising injury that sidelined the legendary band.

Aerosmith’s Farewell Tour and Steven Tyler’s Injury

In 2023, Aerosmith announced their farewell tour, Peace Out. Kicking off on September 2nd in Philadelphia, the 43-date tour promised fans a final chance to experience the band’s legendary live show. The excitement was palpable, with a well-received opening performance fueling anticipation for the shows to come. However, just as the tour gained momentum, Steven Tyler’s injury forced him to step away due to throat problems that impacted his singing. Doctors ordered him to rest his voice for at least 30 days.

Initially, the band postponed a few shows, hoping to resume with a healthy Tyler. But the situation worsened, raising concerns that this unexpected injury could bring a premature end to Aerosmith’s farewell tour.

Peace Out Tour Postponed and Dates Rescheduled

After doctors placed Tyler on strict vocal rest, the band was forced to postpone several upcoming tour dates. This wasn’t the first time health issues impacted the tour. In December 2022, Aerosmith had to cancel the final leg of their Las Vegas residency due to an undisclosed illness for Tyler.

Just days after the initial announcement, things took a more serious turn. An official statement revealed that in addition to vocal cord damage, Tyler had also suffered a fractured larynx. This rare injury required additional treatment and a longer recovery time, forcing the band to cancel all remaining 2023 shows and reschedule them for the following year. The seriousness of the injury became clear with the mention of a 17.9% mortality rate, highlighting the potential dangers of a misdiagnosed laryngeal fracture.

Steven Tyler’s Recovery and the Rescheduled Peace Out Tour

There’s still light at the end of the tunnel for Aerosmith fans. Steven Tyler is on the mend after sustaining both vocal cord damage and a fractured larynx. He appeared at a Grammys party in February 2024, assuring fans of his recovery, following an earlier update on Facebook in November.

The good news is that the Peace Out farewell tour is back on track, albeit a year later than originally planned. In April, the band released a revised itinerary with all shows rescheduled for between September 2024 and February 2025. Fans can look forward to returning dates in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh to kick off the tour.

There is one bittersweet note, however. While Tyler is ready to rock for the rescheduled dates, original drummer Joey Kramer will not be participating. Announced in 2023, Kramer will focus on his health and family.

With Steven Tyler’s injury now behind him, Aerosmith’s farewell tour promises to be a celebration of their legacy, delivering the electrifying performances fans have come to expect. The Peace Out tour is set to mark the end of an era, ensuring that the band’s final bow will be one for the ages.

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