Skid Row’s Erik Grönwall Breaks Silence Over Sebastian Bach Dissing Him

Erik Grönwall, the present-day vocalist for Skid Row, took a moment to address the recurrent comparisons to former frontman Sebastian Bach and offered his perspective on Bach’s remarks about him in a recent installment of his YouTube series, where he engages with fan questions.

Grönwall approached the subject of being frequently compared to Bach from the classic era with a nonchalant demeanor, expressing, “I really don’t care if I’m compared to other singers. I think it’s just part of the fun. And people will always have their preferences and their opinions. And that’s okay.”

Despite the persistent comparisons, Grönwall harbors no animosity toward Sebastian Bach. In response to a question about whether he has communicated with Bach since assuming the role of the band’s frontman, Grönwall shared, “No, I haven’t. And I’m gonna say this. I have nothing but respect for Sebastian and what he did on, especially the first two albums, because they’re favorites of mine.”

Expressing genuine admiration for Bach’s contributions to the albums, Grönwall singled out “Slave To The Grind” as one of the top 10 best vocal performances in rock and roll history, according to his perspective. Despite occasional social media posts where Bach seemed to critique Grönwall, the current frontman maintains a positive outlook, stating, “If I were to meet him somewhere, I would love to just shake his hand and introduce myself and say ‘thank you for the inspiration.’ Obviously, I’ve seen some posts where it says that he’s jabbing at me, but that’s just fun.” This unique and candid response showcases Grönwall’s gracious attitude and genuine appreciation for the legacy left by Sebastian Bach in the realm of rock music.


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