Rob Halford: Judas Priest Should Release One More Album

Rob Halford, the lead singer of Judas Priest, thinks they should drop their 20th album before calling it quits.

In a recent chat with Guitar World, the Judas Priest crew opened up about their plans. Halford mentioned they’re all about touring right now, but they’re already peeking into the future beyond the tour. He chimed in:

“Well, Priest has always kept the metal fire burning by showing what we’re made of next. And hey, 19 just doesn’t sit right with me. It’s an oddball number. I’m all about the even numbers. Give me that solid 20.”

Judas Priest Members Battled Health Woes

Halford reflected on his and his bandmates’ health struggles:

“But hey, here we are, still rocking. Glenn’s still shredding, Richie’s bouncing back after his heart scare, and I’m kicking butt after dealing with cancer. If that’s not metal’s spirit, I don’t know what is.”

Richie Faulkner’s Take on Health Challenges

Halford conquered prostate cancer, while Glenn Tipton fights Parkinson’s disease, which slowed his touring down six years back. Lead guitarist Richie Faulkner had a brush with an aortic aneurysm during a festival gig in September 2021.

Faulkner had heart surgery around two and a half years ago. But diving into Judas Priest’s latest album, ‘Invincible Shield,’ played a big part in his recovery. He shared with Total Guitar:

“We’re metal warriors, and this music is like armor. We all face our battles. Glenn’s fought his, I’ve had my moments, Rob’s been through it too, but we keep on fighting!”

Tipton also pitched in on the album despite his health battle. In an earlier chat, he made it clear he wasn’t ready to throw in the towel and would keep on rocking despite his illness.

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